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For people and the planet

Discover i-giene’s innovative approach to a hygienic and sustainable future in the washroom sector. We believe in partnership and collaboration. Together, we create a healthier world for everyone.

Creating revolutionary washroom solutions

Our mission is to provide revolutionary washroom solutions that are both efficient and ecologically responsible. We aim to set a high standard for hygiene and sustainability in every environment.

A hygienic future for everyone

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to top-quality washroom facilities, contributing to a healthy living environment and a sustainable planet.


The ‘i’ in i-giene represents
three core principles:


Every project begins with thorough research and a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs.


Continuous innovation is at the heart of our approach, where we constantly strive for improvements and innovations.


At our experience center in Eindhoven, we introduce visitors to the latest hygiene technologies and trends.


We firmly believe that opportunities should be seized today rather than postponed until tomorrow. Working at i-giene means being part of a united team that strives for continuous improvement, aiming to enhance our performance by at least 1% every day.

Benefits of i-giene

Efficiency and convenience
Efficiency and convenience

Our solutions are designed for timesaving and ease of use.


We utilize environmentally friendly materials and processes to minimize our ecological footprint.

Health and safety
Health and safety

By enhancing hygiene, our products contribute to a healthier environment.

Efficiency and convenience
Cost reduction

Our innovative solutions help save costs.

A new era in feminine hygiene disposal

A new era in feminine hygiene disposal

The revolutionary sanitary bin

The revolutionary sanitary bin

Discover the innovative features that make i-bin a revolutionary feminine hygiene solution.

Why choose i-bin?

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